Monday, November 10, 2008

The Story The Tundra Tabloids Broke: The Diantha Harris Story.......

Here is the list of links to the articles posted on the Tundra Tabloids concerning the Diantha Harris story, which the TT broke on the 6th of October, 2008. This is for the historical record, something of which I'm proud of. To break a story that reached the pages of The Drudge Report, is something that does not happen everyday to a small blog. Read if interested, and enjoy.
The video which caught an Obama supporting teacher, Diantha Harris berating a student that supported Johan McCain, in a N.Carolina school. The three minute clip was taken from a Swedish documentary filmed in the Spring of 2008.

Here is the post that broke the news, be aware that the teacher is teaching in Fayetteville NC, not Asheville as I claimed initially. the links are from the oldest to the latest.








Links to the media that carried the story in chronological order.

The Citizen-Times:
ABC News 13:
NOTE: WRAL linked to the wrong You Tube video, not the correct one which the Tundra Tabloids' broke the story with. Unfortunately, the Drudge Report linked to this story and video.
NOTE: Fayette Observer, mentions the Tundra Tabloids as the blog that broke the story.
Glenn Beck:
Mike Ghallager: Provided direct link to TT, but from a non-static page.
Michelle Malkin posts on it here:
NOTE: Malkin was emailed by myself and from others and she refused to accredit the TT.
USA Today:
NOTE: Mentions and links to the Citizen-Times article that was the first to pick it up, (I called them) and it mentioned the Tundra Tabloids.

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Stephanie said...

I heard this story mention on Glenn Beck. He did actually say that it was you guys that broke the story.